Questions to Ask when Viewing a Property

Whether you are viewing a house, an apartment or a studio, it's important to ask the right questions on your visit as it could be your new home for the foreseeable future. We've come up with some questions you may want to ask that should provide you with useful information about properties you are considering.

1.Does the property come furnished, part-furnished or unfurnished?

This will give you an idea of what you need to provide yourself. If the property is furnished, ask us to point out exactly what is included to make sure you don't expect any of the current tenant's belongings to be there when you move in. If the property is furnished or part-furnished but you don't necessarily need everything on the inventory, we may be able to remove some items. We'll speak to the landlord on your behalf to see if this is a possibility.

2.Are there any bills included?

Depending on the type of let you are looking for, some properties (specifically student/house shares) may include bills like water, electricity, gas and broadband. Make sure you ask us if this applies to the property you are viewing so you're not paying for the same service twice. It's tricky for us to provide an insight into what you will be paying for living costs but we'll provide you with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which will estimate your running costs.

3.Is parking or a parking permit included?

Some properties may benefit from free on street parking or an allocated parking space. Ask us if this is the case, and if not ask us if you will need a permit to park outside of the property. If you're viewing properties within large developments it can sometimes be possible to rent an associated parking space for an additional sum per calendar month. Be aware you are not always guaranteed a parking space; they are often subject to availability.

4.What does the location have to offer?

Ensure you get a breakdown of the pros and cons of the area in which the property is located. Is there convenient access to popular amenities, shops, bars and restaurants? Make us aware of what you are looking for in terms of location and we'll do our best to show you suitable properties. Take the information you are provided with on your viewing and do some independent research as well!

5.How secure is the property?

More often than not, properties within large developments will have a main entrance where access requires a key, a fob or a code. Ask us if this applies to the property you are viewing.  Intercom systems also allow you to control who can enter the property, giving you peace of mind that you and your belongings are safe and secure. Ensure you are made aware of any alarm systems, where exactly they are within in the property and how to arm/disarm them.

6.Who do I report any issues or problems to?

Find out whether the property is fully managed or offered on a let only basis. If it is fully managed then any maintenance issues will need to be reported to our maintenance team who will contact contractors on the landlord's behalf. If the property is offered on a let only basis you will need to contact the landlord directly regarding any issues, for example problems with water or heating.

7.Can I decorate or make any changes to the interior?

When living in rented accommodation it can often be difficult to make significant changes to customise your home. Before you start planning what colour walls you'd like in what rooms, or where to hang your pictures and prints, make sure you have the landlord's permission to make any changes to the property. If in doubt, always ask us or your landlord else you risk deposit deductions for any drastic changes you make.  

8.Can I have pets?

Before renting a property with a pet, always make sure that the accommodation on offer is pet friendly. Always ask us or your landlord whether pets are allowed to make sure you aren't in breach of your tenancy agreement. If the landlord is happy to accept pets, ensure that the tenancy agreement is amended to reflect this and to protect you as a tenant.

For information about the properties we currently have available for viewings, please contact us on 0114 275 8333!

Last Updated: 17/08/2017
Author: Cactus Living

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