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We’re an experienced property management company with a wealth of experience in managing both commercial and residential properties throughout Sheffield. From student developments and city centre suites through to industrial warehouses and unique workspaces, we’ve done it all.


Whether you’re a first-time buy-to-let landlord or an experienced investor, we will put together a comprehensive investment plan to suit your needs. Working closely with your specifications, you’ll let us know the most important factor in your investment and we’ll ensure we deliver. We’re personal, bespoke and efficient, intent on optimising your returns.

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Business Continuity

At Cactus we are determined to act appropriately to protect our staff, tenants and contractors during these very challenging times.

We are trying to maintain full services but there will be some inevitable changes due to the advice we continue to receive.  We are ready to face the day to day challenges but we would ask all our tenants to please understand these are difficult times.

We are adopting a specific COVID-19 Cactus Business Continuity Plan (CBCP) :

  1. As from 23 March 2020 we will be working remotely from our office and all contact should be made via email to info@cactusliving.co.uk
  2. All non-urgent maintenance will be postponed as we must protect our tenants and contractors.
  3. All viewings will cease from 23 March 2020.
  4. We will be reviewing all our process daily.
  5. If any tenant is self-isolating or showing any signs of the coronavirus we should be informed as soon as possible and you must follow the medical advice.
  6. Following the Gov.UK guidelines to reduce the chances of infection and the spread of the virus.
  7. Our emergency telephone remains operational but this should only be used in genuine emergencies.

We will continue to update our tenants and contractors but hope you will appreciate we are in difficult times.

Please all follow the government advice and stay at home and take care.


The Cactus Living Team

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)